You are drinking at a local pub with your best mates and as previously discussed with your guide in secret, you play pranks on the stag to attract the attention of the bouncers. The bouncers call the 'police' on you after a warning, and soon two policemen ID your stag and decide to arrest him for being drunk and disorderly. They are scary and speak English with a horrible accent. The policeman handcuffs the stag and takes him to a separate dark room, to interrogate him further. Of course your group follows and for everyone's surprise instead of more questions, a beautiful policewoman takes over and performs a full strip show for your scared friends.

Price Includes

  • 2 people acting as the local police
  • Free strip show for the Stag performed by the policewoman
  • We recommend to book it with pub crawl
  • Pretty English-speaking guide

Other Information

  • Duration: 60 minutes

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Price based on at least 10 people.

Total Selected: €19